Natural Woven Window Shades

Types of  Natural Woven Shades

Natural woven window shades are taking over the window treatments of California homes and beyond! The lightweight feel and look of the fabric offers a classy and elegant design which utilizes natural tones and textures. You’ll notice in the options below that there are a variety of choices that you have when selecting which natural woven window shade style fits your needs for the design of your room and home.

Natural Woven Roman Shade – Bell Canyon, Hidden Hills

Just as the natural woven valance offers a warm and eco-friendly feel to a room, our natural woven Roman shades accomplishes the same. Perfect for those looking for big design in a subtle way, the natural woven shades offer a warm and neutral color to your room allowing for bold pops of color in the outer window treatments or drapes, if desired.

Natural Woven Hobbled Roman Shade – Bell Canyon, Hidden Hills

Another option, playing off of the same look as the natural woven Roman shade, is the natural woven hobbled Roman shade, which mirrors its same elegant style, but features a tiered display of the shade when lowered.

Natural Woven Fold Window Shades – Bell Canyon, Hidden Hills

One of the most versatile styles in window shades, is the natural woven fold. This smart design may be paired with a valence and used as curtains that are moved manually by hand without a cord. The natural woven fold window shade is also smartly utilized as a room divider as the panels shrink into vertical folds when retracted.

Natural Woven Twin Window Shades – Bell Canyon, Hidden Hills

For added privacy or protection from the sunlight, the natural woven twin shade window shades may be the right choice for you. This design doubles as a woven shade panel in the front, with a second layer behind with a roller shade. This look is perfect for rooms with a large amount of that California sunlight exposure we all know and love. Windows in rooms like these may require enhanced coverage during certain times of the day and an added bonus is that the shade is also effective as an absorbent of the warmth of the sunlight, cooling a room in an eco-friendly manner.

Natural Woven Side Panels Window Shades – Bell Canyon, Hidden Hills

Natural woven side panels window shades offer a fusion of two popular styles in window treatments – side panels curtains that slide and overlap depending on the home designer’s placement (often following the sun exposure throughout the day) and the natural woven look and feel of the material. This is a popular choice in many California homes whose owners enjoy the popular design of the side panel and the lightweight and breezy feel the woven fabric.

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