Hunter Douglas Douette Shades

DUETTE Window Shades Calabasas, Malibu

Available in a variety of light-controlling opacities, both the original single and double honeycomb Duette shades are offered in both horizontal and Vertiglide vertical orientation. With its range of cell sizes, the Duette shades are perfect for any home or office application.

Energy Saving Window Shades Thousand Oaks, Malibu

The Duette incorporates air-storing pockets into its design that contribute to matching the temperature of your home with the weather. And since windows are responsible for the loss of a good half of a home’s heating and cooling energy, the Duette is truly unique in its practicality.

Beautiful and Efficient Window Shades Thousand Oaks, Malibu

In addition to being one of the most practical blinds on the market, the Duette’s honeycomb design adds a beautiful touch to any home or office. While both the single and the double honeycomb design are aesthetically pleasing, the double honeycomb design traps air with even greater efficiency.

ALUSTRA DUETTE Window Shades Calabasas, Malibu

The beautifully practical honeycomb design of the Alustra Duette Architella is brought to life through fashionable fabrics and distinguishing details not found in any other blind. The multi-layered honeycomb design takes energy efficiency to a completely new level.

Premium Material Window Shades Thousand Oaks, Malibu

The Alustra Duette Architella is constructed from only the finest fabrics. When paired with one of our sleek, light-reflecting metallic hardware finishes, an ambience is added to any room that is at once classic and modern.

Temperature Controlling Window Shades Thousand Oaks, Malibu

Not only does the Alustra Duette Architella contribute to the brightness and temperature of your room, it is also designed to improve acoustics. Talk to our interior designers about which of our available fabrics will best reduce outside noise in your home.

DUETTE ARCHITELLA Window Shades Calabasas, Malibu, Westlake, Thousand Oaks

The advanced honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb construction of the Duette Architella sets it apart from other blinds on the market. Simultaneously energy efficient and aesthetically appealing, the Duette Architella is surely the blind for you!

20% More Fabric in These Window Shades!

The industry-leading Duette Architella Trielle is composed of six layers of fabric and contains five air-trapping insulation pockets. With 1.5” pleats –the largest on the market- the Duette Architella Trielle delivers 20% more energy efficiency than any other blinds on the market!

Illumination & Efficiency in Window Shades Thousand Oaks, Malibu

Our game-changing IllumiCell technology is tailor-made to give you the best in both illumination and energy efficiency. Using an exclusive clear inner cell, natural light is diffused to give your room the perfect amount of illumination.

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